ATM: Rafting on the Yoshino Gawa in Japan!

ATM: Rafting on the Yoshino Gawa in Japan!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

One day on the Yoshino Gawa!

Here are some photos from a day on the Yoshino gawa!
O plus a couple extra!

Me getting some down time on an eddy line!
Left line at Margarido!
High side just like last year at Otaki!
Flip again like last year at Otaki!
Pop-eye Pose!
No coment!
Yea so this didnt work so well.
Nidan Surfing.
Saiko line at Otaki! NOT!

So now its the busy season so more carnage to come!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back in the land of the Floating raft!

Well here i am, back again in Ikeda working for ODSS on the Yoshion Gawa as a raft guide and there safety kayaker for the next 89 days! Enjoying the 35+ degree days and the warm water!
I arrived about 20 days later than last season so when i finally got here it was high water, which was good fun!
I have been training every morning at 5.30am running and kayaking because its to hot to do it any other time! In the hope i might be able to keep up with Si next season when i get back for another epic summer in Taupo!
I have another 68 more days here so am trying to make the most of this years short season and am saving all the yen i can!
Here are some photos from so far,Enjoy!
Me getting creative with my SLR!
1.01m as high as you can go on Koboke!
Getting ready to go boating!
Being Stupid!
1st Koboke team of the season!
1st Oboke team for the season!
Getting ready to do some Nidan Surfing!
Otaki at 5m!
Hope every one is safe and well back home in NZ and you are making the most of the snow!